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Technical specifications for pellet boiler BIODOM 33
Heating surface80 up to 450 m2
Thermal power30,8 kW ( 8,6 up to 30,8 kW)
efficiencyover 92%
Flue gases outflowØ 80
Air supplyØ 60
Water tank142 L
Water conectorsDN 25
Power supply220 - 230 V 50Hz
Pellet tank200 kg
Pellet consumption per hourmin 1,9 kg/h - max 6,8 kg/h
Dimensions HxWxD (in cm)150 x 100 x 72
weight330 kg
Pellet boiler Biodom 33 represents a modern and ecological method of heating using wood pellets.
At first glance, anyone can notice its newly designed modern exterior, which suggests that it is a device operating with a cutting-edge technology. The newly designed and developed electronics of our own development BIO-LOGIC, that contains a richer software, boiler achieves outstanding results in combustion and also obtain lower emissions.

Technology BIO-LOGIC in addition to the five-speed fully automatic power adjustment according to the needs of heating, provides continuous automatic adjustment of operating parameters for an optimal combustion of the energy source. The electronics with integrated technology BIO-LOGIC allows, that the boiler Biodom 33 recognizes the current chimney draft, air density and what is the key factor - the quality of the pellets and thus the combustion is always optimal. One of the main features of the boiler Biodom 33 is also a large content of boiler water with 142 liters, which can provide a large amount of heating energy. With the integrated reservoir for pellet on the top of the boiler, of capacity up to 200 kg, boiler provides heating autonomy for the whole week. This model is easy to use, to handle with and to maintain, so it takes care of comfort throughout the heating season.
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