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Technical specifications for pellet boiler BIODOM H 20
Thermal power 18,00 - 15,60 kW
Heating surface 60,00 - 140,00 m2
Utilisation +92,00 %
Pellet tank 45 kg
Consumption per hour 1,20 - 4,00 kg/h
The stove Biodom H20 combines the warmth of classic stoves and pellet boilers for central heating.

The Biodom offers an extraordinary pellet stove Biodom H2O of different colors, so that the selected color ideally complements the atmosphere of your home. It will delight you with a warm aesthetic and functionality.

The stove and boiler Biodom H2O combines the warmth of classic wood pellet stoves and pellet boilers for central heating. The modern appearance and small size allow heating of rooms and domestic hot water, with cosy view of fire.

The handling is fully automated, that is why you can obtain a high combustion efficiency, low emissions and high efficiency of use of energy products. The stove consists of modern software which helps you to setup and control the functioning of the stove, according to your wishes and needs. With automatic ignition and weekly timer setting, it provides the most comfortable heating for your home.

In addition, the stove Biodom H20 is fully automated. Therefore, handling and maintenance are very easy.

Biodom H20 permits to complete the existing heating system, even if you choose it as the only source of heat, supplementing the created ambiance with the selected furniture.

• heating of the surface up to 140 m2
• Independent operation with a full tank of up to 30 hours

The specially developed automatic electronic control system provides continuous control of references, which represents an optimum heat recovery and full fire safety.
Regarding the efficiency of the stove and the price of the pellets, Biodom H20 helps you to save up to 60 % on fuel, compared to conventional sources of heating.
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